Tuesday, October 12, 2010

@ badamtalla

they merged the actual facade of the neighborhood houses into the installation.  the surrounding facade of the buildings was painted, the windows were painted, the random overhanging wire clutter (telephone and cable TV) were wrapped in cloth and interestingly became a part of the installation. temporary, but permanent looking extensions were made to give the feel of a huge mystical temple right in the middle of the road.  a lot of frills in red cloth, hand fans, and textiles were used throughout the installation.  very colourful and had a huge impact.

some pictures of the work in progress (they used a crane to put in the finishing touches after the bamboo structure was pulled down to complete the decoration and painting work on the pandal, you can see that in one of the pictures) and then the pandal itself around 1am at night.

this is what the neighborhood looked like before the artists started making it a part of their installation.  notice the frilled window on the top right, compare with the other windows in the building.
notice how the hand-fans (with frills) have been tied to random cables between the buildings to merge them into the installation.  ofcourse, the buildings themselves have been painted to merge into the installation.
finishing touches to the pandal.  the crane was commissioned from the local corporation office.

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