Monday, October 11, 2010

@ kumartuli - jai maa durga !!

the lanes are narrow, the sculptures towering.  you need *power*, *co-ordination*, and *divine blessings* to get move the idols from the workshops / retail showrooms into the trucks.  no machines involved here.. 
these expert group of people that you see chatting around are the facilitators of the deed!! :) amazingly beautiful to watch!!  just the figures should stun you! more than 200 large idols are shipped out of these narrow lanes over 2 days.  trust me you can not move 2 idols in parallel.. 
it is all sequential.. and don't worry your head trying to compute the averages.. you have to factor in the time a bengali (and i say this with pride) takes in deciding on one that he likes and then the time that he takes in getting the price he is happy with.. :)

getting it out of the premium show room.. *ahem* about 5 feet is how wide the lane is here, and the idol is .. oh.. maybe .. 15 feet .. *at least*..  i need some real good trigonometric skills to plan the exit route.. oh.. wait these guys have already started!!

now the rollers need to be inserted.. oh! i am sorry.. just split bamboo sticks will do just fine? Aah.. so...    amazing!!..
pulling it through traffic, which includes bi-cycles, motor-cycles, three-wheelers, cars, buses, trucks, jay-walkers, smart-obstructive walkers, couples in love, rickshaws and trams (can you spot the tram-lines, the idol is actually on one of the tracks)
pulling it to the pick-up on the road
 getting it into the pick-up truck

a smaller one is easier

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