Thursday, October 14, 2010

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 “Matrijothor Theke Tomar Anchal,
                  Dekhale Bhuban Khelar Chhale.
                  Sneho Mamata Neiko Tulona,
                  Tumi Amaar MAA”

Portraying ‘MA’, where after we come out from her womb, she takes us in her ‘anchal’ with all her affection to protect us. From there our journey begins and she always shows us the world through the disguise of playing.  Your gentleness, your care, your love is unparalleled; YOU ARE MY ‘MOTHER’! The greatest being on Earth!

This master-mind behind this wonderful theme is none other than the maker Shri Subodh Roy. Since February 2010, he has been busy in conceptualizing the whole theme to give it a new shape. Artisans are now busy in giving their last and final touch to the idol. The overall decoration of the ‘pandal’ will be architected exclusively by resembling the way ‘how a baby is delivered from mother’s womb’. With the petals of Lotus the ‘pandal’ will be adorned and the roof will be kept open to get sunshine and create that natural effect. To create an illusion to the viewers, a source of laser light will be on the back of the goddess. This one of the special attractions of the puja, which the organizers think, will draw lots of crowd.

credit for above description 

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