Sunday, October 10, 2010

@ kumartuli

so as any serious photographer (*ahem*) would do, I decided to spend the day (okay a few hours) at kumartuli to see the idols being sampled, purchased and transported to the pandals.  I could not manage pictures of the buyers, but here is what I got..  I know I could have done better, I will try again next year! ;)

guessing something ?

oh.. sorry!! he is getting into his charriot.. the "cycle rickshaw"

and now it is her turn to give him company
a relaxed north kolkata neighborhood of artisans, narrow lanes, and constant change
tea-stall and a young customer in a rush
the hand-rickshaw - afternoon siesta
don't paste bills - but the photograph of the godess is an exception.  don't park your car here, but that does not mean i can not make this my afternoon siesta area.
 trucks line up to pick-up their durga idolsthe mood is electric!!
 the period architecture, and sculptures on display..
the most active tea-stall in the area.

another view of the tea-stall..
 sculptures in fibre-glass
 alley soccer
preparations for a community dinner

more on kumar tuli in the two links below - 

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